Posted on Jul 16, 2019

Dr William Portuese

There are three components that make up the eyelids; skin, muscle, and fat. Fat bulging creates a puffiness look on the lower lids as well as the upper lids. Excess skin can fold over on the upper lids, touching the eyelashes, creating visual obstruction when severe enough. On rare occasions, excess muscle on the upper lids can also be an issue and sometimes needs to be conservatively trimmed for cosmetic purposes. All three of these components must look good in a symmetrical fashion and allow for proper blink reflex and closure of the eyelids.,-122.3241993|47.6727925208462,-122.229760518752|47.6091622808261,-122.190805202728|47.5456093597656,-122.229989890436|47.5193074394081,-122.3241993|47.5456093597656,-122.418408709564|47.6091622808261,-122.457593397272|&origin=47.6727925208462,-122.418638081248

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